Populous Consulting is uniquely positioned to optimise your venue for both user experience and commercial viability. Our difference lies in the way we use customer insights and business analysis to match customer values, needs, and desires with what’s buildable and profitable.


A strong, clear vision helps people choose your venue or event over others. Populous Consulting collaborates with you to help define and communicate the ‘why’ of your project for you, your stakeholders, and your customers. 
We help uncover the needs, wants, and desires that inform future possibilities.


We bring joy at every moment by creating meaningful, engaging experiences that your customers will love. 
Whether for work or play, we weave your authentic identity and values into each unique experience, connecting fans, customers, users, asset owners, organisers, operators, and commercial partners in a way that seeks to generate new and sustainable revenue.


We aim to make the future tangible, affordable and profitable.
We do this by examining each part of your business model, from business and operational plans, architecture and experience, through to design and brand, to find hidden opportunities.
Our experience shows these need to work together, not in silos.